Care & Display

How to care for your Maison Yiliy decoupage

Taking care of your decoupage is easy, but there is only one important rule:

Do not immerse in water.

Other than that, simply wipe surface clean when necessary! 

(For the decoupage plates, the top surface is food safe, however we do not recommend using them to eat as cleaning could cause the bottom or one of the edges to come in contact with water, which could be catastrophic.)

How to show off your Maison Yiliy decoupage

Most of our pieces are either displayed vertically (hung on walls) or simply placed on a table top. There are different ways to hang these pieces, some clients use 3M velcro systems intended for hanging pictures, some use plate hangers held in place with a small nail. They are also great displayed leaning on shelves, with a small piece of sticky tack used on the back and/or bottom to secure the piece. 

Individually, or as part of an artistic montage, don't be limited in how you display your Maison Yiliy. In fact, boldly tag your Instagram shot with #maisonyiliy so we know!